Let cops do their jobs, leave admin duties to civil service, says PH

PETALING JAYA: As part of modernising the police force to suit current needs and challenges, Pakatan Harapan has suggested that all administrative duties within the force be outsourced to the non-uniformed civil service.

In a statement, PH’s security committee said this would allow those in uniform to focus on their main role of protecting public peace and investigative policing.

It said its suggestion was based on the report by the Tun Dzaiddin royal commission.

The 2005 report by the royal commission, headed by former chief justice Mohammed Dzaiddin Abdullah, aimed to enhance the operations and management of the police.

PH also called for a transparent mechanism to be put in place to handle complaints on police misconduct to keep the force professional and respected.

“We must place emphasis on policies that do not tolerate corruption, violence and misconduct. Police must be given room and support to fulfil their mandate in respecting the law during the conduct of their duties,” it said.

It added that policemen were not just law enforcers but custodians serving the community, and were definitely not political tools of the government.

It also said the welfare of policemen needed to be taken care of, urging Putrajaya to focus on improving their salaries, job advancement opportunities and distribution of human resources.


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