Hotels too are resorting to ‘white flag’

But they are asking for financial aid for their ailing industry.

As the “white flag” movement spreads throughout the country, some hotels are joining in.

One such hotel is LaCrista Hotel in Malacca town, but not as a sign that it needs food.

Hotel general manager Jason Bak told China Press that they are sending a message to the public and the authorities that the hotel industry situation is very dire.

“We need direct financial aid and vaccination for our employees. Currently, 110 of my hotel staff have still not got their appointments for the Covid-19 vaccination.

“We regret that the latest Pemulih package did not offer any specific assistance to the industry,” said Bak.

In view of this, he urged other hotels to join the “white flag” movement as well.

The “white flag” movement began in Johor, where those in desperate need of food can signal for help as the “total lockdown” drags on.

According to the Malaysia Association of Hotels (MAH), other hotels have raised the “white flag” as well.

In a statement, MAH said despite many proposals sent to the government, there was no help coming for the industry.

“The very nature of our industry is that it is solely dependent on the movement of people.

“As long as travel restrictions are still in place, the industry is set for an eventual death,” it added.

MAH said about 100 hotels had closed temporarily or permanently last year and another 20 closed this year.

It said that about 89 percent of hotels had slashed their headcount and another 45 percent are still imposing pay cuts. An estimated 63 percent of employers are placing staff on unpaid leave.

“These numbers are growing by the day,” warned MAH.


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