Manual turn table in Tumpat finally dismantled

The last manual turn table for locomotive in Malaysia located in Tumpat was dismantled today on June 23, 2021, at 11.30 am after 108 years of use. Dismantling work was completed at 1.00 pm.

En. Azman Hasan, Tumpat Operations Officer said the purpose of the demolition was to make way for the work of upgrading the new track that connects the Tumpat Depot to the train washing section.

The turn table will be relocated to a new location as soon as further discussions are done as a storage of part of the history of the train for future generations to see.

For the record, the turn table was first used in 1913 at the Tumpat Stokereta Depot, Kelantan which at that time was under the administration of the Federated Malay States Railway (FMSR). It was built in England and brought into Malaya by Patent Shaft & Axletree Engineers Co. Ltd.

The function of this turn table is to rotate the locomotive to change the direction of the driver’s compartment.

The uniqueness of this turn table is located at a very perfect point of gravity, which can be rotated using only two to three staff at a time.

The balance of gravity allows the turn table to rotate the locomotive easily according to the weight of the load.

Interesting isn’t it?


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