Stop being delusional and face reality, Najib tells Gov’t

FORMER Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak mocked the Government, urging them to explain on why COVID-19 rate of transmission (Rt) keeps soaring despite a total lockdown.

“Why is our COVID-19 Rt is on an upward trend for the whole week despite a total lockdown imposed 18 days ago, on top of the movement control order (MCO 2.0) in the last 40 days?” he asked in a Facebook post today.

Despite announcing a total lockdown over a fortnight ago, the International Trade and Industries Ministry (Miti) had allowed over 100,000 companies from various sectors to operate as usual, despite a surge in workplace clusters across the country.

Three days ago, Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah defended the Government’s decision in not shutting down the nation, saying the authorities now have enough resources to deal with the pandemic, unlike last year.

“Some are asking why not now? (It’s because) the environment has changed. At that time (MCO 1.0), we did not have enough personal protective equipment and ventilators and there were no vaccines,” Free Malaysia Today reported him as saying.

Citing statistics, Najib said Malaysia COVID-19 Rt were as follows:

  • June 17: 82,369 screenings, 5,738 cases (7.0%)
  • June 16: 84,866 screenings, 5,150 cases (6.1%)
  • June 15: 77,065 screenings, 5,419 cases (7.0%)
  • June 14: 70,044 screenings, 4,949 cases (7.1%)

In addition, he added that Malaysia continues to register record number of new clusters, mostly affecting workplace areas.

“Yesterday, we had 23 new clusters with 17 of them being workplace areas. A day before that, we had 25 new clusters with 20 of them being workplace areas.

“Is our Government taking stock of the numbers or still under self-induced delusion, believing their own propaganda that they have successfully contained COVID-19?

“And is the Government going to extend the so-called total lockdown for a second time?” the Pekan MP queried


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