Netizens turn the tables on Hadi for “don’t be fooled twice” advise

EARLIER today, PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang urged young voters “not get fooled for the second time” by voting Pakatan Harapan back into power.

He alleged that Pakatan leaders had attempted to undermine Islam and its scholars during their reign, adding both should have been defended as per Islamic tenets.

“Don’t get manipulated by the media, which will only bring remorse in our lifetime on Earth and the hereafter. We’ve learnt our lesson,” the PAS leader was reported saying.

However, netizens took to Hadi’s Twitter account to remind the latter of his own failures as a Government leader.

Kami rakyat pun tak sanggup ditipu kali ketiga oleh kata2 manis PAS (The people will not be fooled thrice by PAS’ sweet words),” said user Ruffnazir.

User Tolong Vaksin stated: “Kuat main presepsi ayohcik ni. Dohla jadi duta makan gaji buta (Ayah Chik is working hard to create a perception, on top of earning salary as a Special Envoy for doing nothing).

Another user named B39 Cincau reminded Hadi on how his party plotted to bring down the Pakatan Government and came up with various edicts to defend their move, making a mockery out of Islamic principles.

User MHazimbH lashed out at the Marang MP, saying that the religion of Islam should be upheld, not leadership by Muslims.

Agama Islam wajib dipertahankan, tapi bukan pemerintahan Islam. Biar lah negara bawah pemerintahan bukan Islam asalkan adil. Daripada negara bawah pemerintahan Islam tapi undang² double standard, tak adil. Memburukkan nama Islam je. (Islam should be preserved, not leadership by Muslims. Even if the country is governed by non-Muslims, it is alright as long as they are just. This is better than having Muslims governing the nation but double standards are practiced all the way. It only gives a bad image to Islam),” he noted


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