Family of critically injured passenger seeks RM1.8m from Prasarana

The 52-year-old father of four is still in the ICU and has not regained consciousness.

Wong Chee Foong, 52, sustained serious head and spine injuries in the collision between two LRT trains last week.

The father of four is still in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and has not regained consciousness.

His family is now seeking RM1.8 million in damages for negligence from LRT operator Prasarana Malaysia Bhd.

In a statement, the family’s lawyer Jazzmin Khoo said the claim comprised medical expenses, physical damage, mental and emotional stress, trauma, loss of income and special and general damages.

Later at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur, Joyce Wong (above), the wife of the victim, said she is disappointed with Prasarana for not offering an apology nor moral support for the family members of the injured passengers.

“I am disappointed over the way Prasarana is handling the matter. It has been six days since the tragedy, we haven’t received an official letter, official apology and moral support from Prasarana.

“The (goodwill payment of) RM1,000 offered by Prasarana to us is not going to be enough for the damage that had happened. It is never enough,” Joyce lamented.

This is because, she said, she was unsure of any possible post-injury effect as her husband was admitted into the ICU due to a critical injury right after the train crash.

“My husband is undergoing an eight-hour operation to get his fractured spines and face bone fixed. Screw, plates and rod will be put into his body,” said the 42-year-old housewife.

Joyce said her husband had undergone his first injury last Thursday to fix his skull bone.

‘I want him back, he is the sole breadwinner’

She wasn’t sure if her husband will be able to walk as before and be able to return to work as a chef. Joyce, who is a Thai national, said she wasn’t sure if the injury could impact his eyesight.

“I want him back, he is the sole breadwinner of the family. He has four children to feed,” she added.

Joyce said the hospital is unable to ascertain the post-injury effect suffered by her husband as he was sedated.

Lawyer Khoo, who is representing the family members, said her client is giving Prasarana seven days until next Monday to reply after serving legal notice of demand to the operator of the LRT this morning.

“We hope to get a reply soon so we could discuss further on the (RM1.8 million compensation) amount sought by my client,” Khoo said.

Wong, who took an LRT from KLCC station, was among the 213 injured in the train crash on May 24. A total of 47 passengers were seriously injured while 166 suffered minor injuries.

The crash occurred when a train carrying passengers and a faulty train that was being test-driven collided in a tunnel between the Kampung Baru and KLCC stations.

Last Saturday, Prasarana called on passengers involved in the LRT crash to contact it to facilitate the payment of aid to the victims.

Prasarana pledged to give its full and transparent cooperation to the Investigating Committee from the Transport Ministry and police, as well as liaise closely with the Finance Ministry, Transport Ministry and Land Public Transport Agency.


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