Lockdown: Govt to fully implement WFH policy for civil servants – KSN

KUALA LUMPUR : The government will fully implement the Work from Home (WFH) policy for all civil servants following the announcement of the implementation of the first phase of a full closure of the social and economic sectors nationwide, said Chief Secretary to the Government (KSN) Tan Sri Mohd Zuki Ali.

Mohd Zuki in a statement today (May 30) said the policy was aimed at reducing face-to-face individual contact to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, adding it did not apply to those involved in the frontline, safety, defence and enforcement services.

“All meetings and discussions should be conducted online through a secure medium and guaranteed confidentiality and no meetings or physical activities are allowed.

“Counter services will be closed and all transactions should be done through online services except health service counters, police stations and at international entry points involving customs, immigration and quarantine,” he said.

Mohd Zuki said the implementation of the WFH policy is based on Service Circular Number 5 of 2020- Work from Home Policy which clearly specifies the aspects that must be complied with, including not to carry out personal matters during working hours.

He said any misconducts in compliance with the policy would face disciplinary action under P.U (A) 395 – the Public Officers (Conduct and Discipline) Regulations 1993.

He added civil servants are allowed to work in the office to carry out work processes that cannot be done at home, with attendance of not more than 20 per cent.

Among the duties allowed to be conducted in the office are payments of contracts, invoices or salaries, payments or distribution of monthly and periodically assistance to the people, maintenance or security of premises and ICT technical management for system maintenance and online meetings as well as preparations of papers and documents involving Cabinet ministers.

The staff rotation is a maximum of four hours and attendance to the office must be with an official instruction document and work passes.

Mohd Zuki said monitoring would be carried out from time to time and necessary action would be taken for any non-compliance with the order.

“Any exemption must be approved by the Chief Secretary’s office,” he said.


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