American woman travels more than 9,000km to remove love lock she attached with her ex in Korea (VIDEO)

KUALA LUMPUR : An American woman travelled over 9,000 kilometres, from Los Angeles, California to Seoul, South Korea to remove a love lock she and her ex placed at a popular tourist attraction.null

Kassie Yeung, 23, posted her journey on TikTok, which has since chalked up 8.3 million views.

The TikTok video begins with Yeung on the plane, then showing her leaving the airport and heading to a store to buy a pair of wire cutters.

Kassie Yeung travelled more than 9,000 kilometers from California to South Korea to remove a love lock. — TikTok screenshot

She then gets on a bus to the Namsan Tower, where she purchases a ticket, rides up the cable car, and eventually makes it to the area where she left her lock.

Speaking to portal Insider, Yeung said she had left a lock on one of N Seoul Tower’s fences in the summer of 2019, and returned in the spring of 2021 to remove it out of “pettiness.”

N Seoul Tower, commonly known as the Namsan Tower, is similar to the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris where the fences are overflowing with colourful locks. 

Yeung told the portal it took her about 30 minutes to sift through the hundreds of locks to find the one she left there nearly two years ago.

Eventually, she managed to locate and cut off the lock.

Yeung said besides removing the lock, she was also visiting Seoul to pursue a backup dancing career.


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