Anwar: Clampdown on youth protest sign of weak govt

Harapan chief warns that oppression will lead to more protests.

Pakatan Harapan chairperson Anwar Ibrahim today criticised the federal government for taking action against two recent protests by youths.

In a statement, he said the use of state apparatus to curb criticisms and protest only reflected a weak government.

“The refusal of the government to allow Parliament to convene is very regrettable while the democratic process continues to be trampled upon.

“I believe that (this will cause) the dissent to spread,” said Anwar (above), who was once a prominent youth leader in the 1970s.

Anwar was referring to the arrest of a group of youths who held a protest in Batu Pahat on May 12 and police investigations against a group of youths who gathered in front of Parliament on April 30.

The group on Batu Pahat had unfurled a large banner with the words “#KerajaanGagal”, a term widely used by opponents of the government’s decision to suspend Parliament as well as those who accuse the government of double standards in enforcing the Covid-19 protocols.

The police had termed the event as a “riot” – although no material damage has been reported – and detained at least 27 people who were allegedly involved.

Meanwhile, the police have recently called in a number of people allegedly involved in the sit-in protest at Parliament.


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