Body painting is in fashion – does it appeal to you?

People have been applying colorful paint to their bodies since the beginning of time to enhance beauty or as war paint. These days body painting is enjoying a popularity surge. What are your thoughts on body painting?

The use of body paint to highlight, enhance or symbolize something has a history that dates back thousands of years. For example, mehndi, a ceremonial art form using henna, has been practiced on the Indian Subcontinent for centuries. Today, henna hand tattoos are popular. The dye is not permanent and will fade after a few hours or days.

Body painting can be done a number of ways. Are there any you’ve tried or would like to try? We’d like to hear about it!  And as a thank you, one participant will receive a backpack full of items produced exclusively for DW.

This is the kind of body painting I’d like to try / have tried:

Deutsche Welle

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