Federal leaders’ meddling reason why Sabah still backwards, charges Bung Moktar

State Umno chief also takes aim at cabinet members, saying they are being bullied by senior ministry officials

KOTA KINABALU : For the first time in recent memory, a top Sabah Umno leader is blaming federal politicians’ constant meddling for the state’s instability and lack of development.

Chapter chief Datuk Seri Bung Moktar Radin said federal leaders’ politics of “divide and conquer” have resulted in the collapse of many Sabah governments.

“I am not proud of this situation. But this is the reality of Sabah politics,” he told a forum organised by the Society Empowerment and Economic Development of Sabah today.

The federal (politicians) played their role in dividing and ruling over Sabah leaders. This is why I told myself that Sabahans need to look after themselves. 

“Indeed, we still need the federal government, but we need to be careful in our actions in order to progress.”

The deputy chief minister said Umno leaders took down former Usno president Tun Mustapha Datu Harun to achieve their goals.

Federal leaders’ meddling reason why Sabah still backwards, charges Bung Moktar
Sabah Umno chief Datuk Seri Bung Moktar Radin says leaders in previous administrations have left behind a disappointing legacy. – Bernama pic

He said federal leaders were also responsible for bringing down the Berjaya and Parti Bersatu Sabah administrations when state leaders were not on their side.

“This is why I told my fellow Umno leaders, while we also need the federal (government), we cannot rely on them all the way. 

We will continue to lag behind in terms of development if we continue to depend on them when they do not directly bring development to the state.”

Another reason Sabah is still backwards is the two-party system, said Bung Moktar, adding that the concept of “winner takes all and losers lose all” is very dangerous. 

This political system has existed since the formation of Malaysia, and is the reason politicians from both sides of the divide are constantly fighting, he said.

“They fight in Parliament, in the assemblies, even on the streets. 

“We are not like some countries where the elected representatives dive right into work for the people instead of constantly fighting with one another.”

He took a swipe at ministers, saying they lack the ability to take charge when it comes to pushing government policies.

Many are bullied by senior officials in their ministries as they do not know how to carry out their cabinet duties, he said.

“They take six months to a year to get used to their new roles. 

“They are being bullied by senior officials when they should be issuing instructions and ordering their officers to implement policies.”

Most of the time, the policies recommended by senior ministry officials are the ones implemented, he said.

Bung Moktar noted that leaders in previous administrations did nothing but leave behind a disappointing legacy. 

“What I see is that they have done nothing. This is why Sabah is still backwards. They just take the honey, but they don’t know how to produce it.”

By : Jason Santos – THE VIBES

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