Disturbance in the force: IGP explains why he only spoke out now

I was busy trying to fix internal issues, says Abdul Hamid Bador.

Outgoing inspector-general of police (IGP) Abdul Hamid Bador said he waited until yesterday (April 30) to speak out against alleged meddling in police appointments because he was busy fixing other problems that the matter only intensified recently.

“I was busy trying to fix internal issues,” Hamid (above right) told Malaysiakini in a text message.

“Recently, as the expiry of my contract drew near, the minister’s meddling intensified in an effort to ensure ‘budak-budak kita’ (our boys) fill important positions.”

The phrase “our boys” refers to a viral audio clip where a voice that sounded like Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin (above left) could be heard in a conversation about police top brass appointments.

Hamzah admitted that the audio clip was genuine yesterday and said he did not commit any offence in the recording.

Among others, the voice in the audio clip asked if “our boy” from “Ipoh” was to be promoted. The voice also suggested that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong would be agreeable.

Yesterday, Hamzah handed an appointment letter to Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani which made him the next IGP. Acryl will assume the role of top cop on May 4.

The appointment of senior police personnel is made by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, on the recommendation of the police force commission.

According to the Federal Constitution, the commission is chaired by the home minister and its members include the IGP, the Home Ministry secretary-general, a member of the public service commission, and between two to six other members appointed by the Agong.

Yesterday, Hamid, at a press conference, alleged that the police force commission had been compromised by “political elements” due to Hamzah’s actions.


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