Guan Eng: DAP will fight to kick out leaders rejecting multi-racial, multi-religious doctrine

The secretary-general stresses that DAP shall remain a party for Malaysians.

DAP’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) leadership will fight to reject leaders who reject the party’s multi-racial, multi-religious doctrine, said the party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

In his opening speech at the Kuala Lumpur DAP ordinary convention today, Lim reiterated that DAP is for Malaysians and will not be a chauvinistic party.

“Let me give you an assurance that the CEC leadership is willing to fight to reject leaders who want to deviate from the multi-racial and multi-religious framework.

“[..] DAP will not be racists and religious extremists like PAS or subservient like MCA, MIC, and GPS to PAS,” said the Bagan MP.

In recent weeks, DAP factions have clashed publically, with some groups accused of being Chinese chauvinists.

The party’s central committee member, Ronnie Liu was reported as saying that the party should not “dilute its Chinese-ness” to gain Malay support.

During a media conference later, when asked to comment on Liu’s statement, Lim said he had explained the party’s stance in his speech but refused to refer to any particular individual.

Liu’s statement had received criticism from the likes of DAP heavyweights Tony Pua and Hannah Yeoh, with Pua saying that Liu is the “Chinese chauvinist the party doesn’t need”.

Pua stated that DAP had been labelled as a “chauvinist party” for decades due to the frequency at which Chinese-related issues were raised as it focused its effort to ensure the rights of the minority were not trampled during the BN’s rule.

However, since 2005, the party under Lim’s leadership had made a concerted effort to detach itself from the chauvinistic label and image.

In his message to the representatives today, Lim reminded that there is no point in winning party elections only to lose the general elections.

“It is more important to defeat the traitors of the people’s mandate and restore a people’s government that works for the people and listens to the people,” he said.

Lim also expressed confidence that DAP grassroots will reject chauvinism and racism.

“I have confidence in our members that we will reject chauvinism and racism.

“For the past 50 years, when we fight for our dream, this (multiracialism concept) has not been questioned. Just this time, there is a certain quarter that raised this issue, and we are prepared to face the challenges.

“We will deal with it internally, let our party members make the final decision,” he said.

‘My duty is to ensure a smooth transition’

Meanwhile, commenting on the alleged infighting between two groups, namely Chinese chauvinists and leaders who are more open to engaging the Malays in the party, Lim said it’s natural to have such issues arise during a succession process.

For the record, Lim is in his final term as secretary-general, and the party’s next CEC elections will determine his successor. The party constitution allows an individual to hold the post for only three terms.

“My role is to ensure a smooth transition. I think it’s natural that in any organisation when there is a succession plan, there will be some movement.

“My duty is to ensure a smooth transition. That’s why I don’t want to discuss the succession plan and process publicly.

“It will be discussed and decided internally,” he said.


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