Hundreds rally in northern Arab town over Jerusalem clashes

Hundreds of protesters march in the northern Arab town of Umm al-Fahm, amid recent ethnic violence in Jerusalem.

Video shows the demonstrators carrying Palestinian flags and blocking Route 65.

A similar protest was expected to be held in Taybe and a joint Arab-Jewish rally was also set to take place in Jerusalem’s Zion Square against “the violence and incitement toward the Arab population and peace activists by far-right and Lehava activists”

The march comes days after violent clashes broke out at the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem’s Old City after Palestinians confronted Jewish supremacists who marched there chanting “Death to Arabs.”

Jerusalem has seen several days of violence after a number of assaults on Jews that were filmed and later uploaded to the TikTok video-sharing app, including one of an East Jerusalem teenager slapping two ultra-Orthodox boys on the light rail.

Along with the ethnic tensions, Jerusalem has seen regular clashes over the past week between Palestinian residents and police who have been blocking Palestinians from sitting on the steps of Damascus Gate. In an unofficial Jerusalem tradition, thousands of Palestinians sit in the area following nighttime prayers during Ramadan.


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