The story of how Gardenia came to be a Malaysian staple

These days, grabbing a loaf of bread from a convenience store or the supermarket is so easy, you do it without thinking.

But did you know this was almost unheard of until the 1990s?

For the few bakeries that did supply bread to stores and supermarkets, the loaves would often already be a little stale by the time it reached its destination.

Oftentimes, the loaves were left on store shelves until it turned mouldy, putting into question just how fresh bread sold in this manner actually was.

The first ever horizontal bread bag of Gardenia Enriched White Bread designed in 1986. (Gardenia pic)

All this changed when Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd started its humble plant 35 years ago in rented premises in Section 16, Shah Alam.

Back then, the plant was only capable of baking 1,200 loaves per hour. Today, Gardenia has evolved into an undisputed market leader with more than two million loaves produced every single day.

What set Gardenia apart from earlier bakeries was that it delivered to outlets daily. The company also removed nearly expired bread at the end of the day, so customers would not have to encounter mouldy loaves unfit for consumption.

Each loaf is consistent in quality, shape, weight, size and colour. Most importantly, Gardenia bread is always soft and fluffy, true to its popular slogan – so good you can even eat it on its own.

The company also supports outlets in the sale of their bread by equipping them with free display stands. This ensures that the bread to be sold is neatly displayed so customers can easily select what they want to purchase.

Gardenia kwik-lok displays the price of each loaf and its expiry date.

Another innovative feature Gardenia introduced was the kwik-lok, which not only functioned to keep the bread sealed, but also displayed the price of each loaf and the expiry date.

Within four short years, Gardenia changed Malaysians’ perception towards white bread. The brand became the market leader and the largest sandwich bread producer in Southeast Asia, achieving a 99% brand recall rate and 80% top-of-mind recall.

But the story doesn’t stop there.

Over the years, Gardenia earned its way into the hearts of Malaysians, young and old, with its various other offerings.

While they were first known for their bread, they also began introducing cream rolls, snack cakes, waffles and kaya.

Gardenia also regularly upgraded themselves, bringing in state-of-the-art equipment to increase their production capacity and efficiency.

Gardenia now has seven fully-automated plants, some of which are capable of producing 10,000 loaves of bread every single hour.

The look and design of Gardenia’s packaging has also evolved, from horizontal bread bags to the classic vertical bags customers are familiar with today.

Gardenia Original Classic now has a new look and comes with Nutrinegy. (Gardenia pic)

The recipe of its bread products has also evolved – Gardenia Original Classic and Gardenia Original Classic Jumbo now come incorporated with the goodness of Nutrinegy.

Each slice contains vitamin A, vitamin E, iron and other essential nutrients.

Gardenia’s new recipe also has zero cholesterol or trans-fat, making it a great option whether you’re preparing a light snack or tucking into a hearty meal for breakfast.

Rest assured that Gardenia Original Classic bread is as soft and fluffy as before – so good you can even eat it on its own.

While Gardenia is constantly evolving to offer consumers the best, they will remain a classic companion so all Malaysians can continuously savour its good taste.

To find out more about Gardenia’s new look and the goodness of Nutrinegy, click here.

By : Jeremy Ng – FMT

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