Loke doesn’t discount effort to oust ‘multiracial’ DAP leaders in party polls

Meanwhile, he says Liu shouldn’t be disciplined over ‘personal views’.

DAP organising secretary Anthony Loke does not rule out that there might be an effort to oust leaders who embraced the idea of DAP as a multiracial party in the upcoming party election.

Loke said the highlighting of the party’s diversity had caused internal debate among its members.

This came after central committee member Ronnie Liu was criticised by Damansara MP Tony Pua and Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh for urging the party not to “dilute its Chineseness”.

The upcoming DAP election in June is expected to see Lim Guan Eng in his final term as secretary-general as the party’s constitution limits the tenure of the post holder to three terms. Lim has held the post since 2004.

Loke (above), 44, is widely seen as Lim’s successor.

“Liu does not represent the entire DAP in terms of policies and approaches taken by the party leadership. That’s why he was criticised.

“There has been an effort from DAP to make us more inclusive and more open so that the party is more accepted by the Malaysian community as a whole,” Loke said during a live streaming interview session organised by the National Professors Council.

He said DAP’s leadership worked hard towards making the party one that highlights its diversity.

He said DAP’s leadership worked hard towards making the party one that highlights its diversity.

“We must accept Chinese, Malays, Indians and other ethnicities. That’s why there was criticism.

“As party leaders, we dare to bear it even if there will be an effort to bring us down from the leadership in the party election. But this is the risk we will take.

“That’s why we must explain to the members that DAP is a multiracial party instead of a party that represents one particular ethnic. For me, this is an ongoing effort,” he said.

Loke admitted what Liu said represented the view of some in DAP and that there has been internal discourse or debate in the party which will transform the party.

“It’s up to the delegates if they will accept (our views),” he said.

Meanwhile, Loke said Liu merely expressed his view. Thus what he said should not be seen as a disciplinary issue.

“I have yet to see this as a disciplinary issue. But we (DAP) haven’t discussed it. He merely expressed his view. Whether you agree or not, it is another story.

“But the way I see it, this is not a disciplinary issue, not yet,” he said.

Mandate from the people

Meanwhile, Loke said it is not possible for DAP to cooperate with Umno and BN in the next general election.

He said this when asked by moderator Muhammad Asri Mohd Ali if DAP supporters will accept such cooperation, just like how they reacted to DAP working with PAS in the 1990s.

“I don’t dare to make a conclusion simply because there have been mixed reactions on the issue. Some said we should explore such cooperation while others could not accept it at all. They questioned how can you bring back the party you fought and defeated in the last general elections.

“I see there is a need for us to get a mandate from the people. A mandate obtained from an election will allow us to move forward.

“But for now, I feel that the possibility for us to work together does not arise because each of us needs to look at our respective mandate from the people,” he said.

On April 9, Pakatan Harapan decided that the coalition was open to “negotiations” and “cooperation” with any group.

The coalition had resolved to nominate PKR president Anwar Ibrahim as their prime ministerial candidate in the next general election.


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