Deputy minister falls asleep onstage, Kuala Pilah Bersatu explains he was unwell

This comes after a video showing Eddin Syazlee Shith sleeping during a graduation event went viral.

A video of Deputy Works Minister Eddin Syazlee Shith, who appeared to be asleep in his chair on stage at a tahfiz graduation event in Seremban, has gone viral since last night.

However, Eddin’s Twitter account has since clarified that the Kuala Pilah MP was feeling unwell that day.

“Eddin was unwell but in order to fulfil his obligations as he was invited, he steeled himself to attend the event.

“Alhamdullilah, in this event, he approved putting in air conditioners for the school hall and also contributed funds to help the school obtain buses,” the tweet said.

It was in response to a viral tweet by netizen Malique Redzuan, which contained the one-minute video of the Bersatu leader asleep onstage.

His aide Farahiah Zubir was quoted as making the same statement to Bernama.

Eddin had attended the graduation ceremony for Sekolah Agama Sains Kuala Pilah at Palm Mall in Seremban yesterday (April 10).

In the video clip, two men seated on each side of Eddin attempted to wake the deputy minister up as the emcee announced the next programme in the event, but they were unsuccessful.

After a while, a man who appeared to be a bodyguard approached Eddin and managed to wake him up.

Several videos of the incident were circulated on social media since last night, including by former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak, who posted it on his Facebook.

“May the Bersatu deputy minister be given great strength and health.

“J-Kom (Community Communications Department), I can back up. If there is an allowance, roger (me),” Najib quipped in the posting.

In a statement posted on the Kuala Pilah Bersatu Facebook page, its information chief Adzman Abu Hassan reiterated that Eddin was unwell and had taken medication before the event.

“Because he did not want to disappoint the hosts, he had to attend even though he was unwell.

“The day before, he attended many events and met the local community to listen to and resolve their problems.

“Hopefully this explanation can be understood by all, and a thousand apologies to everyone from the Kuala Pilah Bersatu family,” Adzman said.


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