Inappropriate for Zahid to issue resignation challenge, says Annuar

Ketereh MP points out that he made a stand against calls for Zahid’s resignation over his ongoing corruption charges.

Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had acted inappropriately in issuing his dare for a “parasite” to resign as minister, said Federal Territories Minister Annuar Musa.

Zahid did not mention any names, but Annuar (above), who spoke during a discussion hosted on his personal Facebook page, said it was obvious the remark was targeted towards him.

“I’m being honest, it was inappropriate for the president to challenge anyone.

“If we encourage this ‘challenge culture’, what if someone else challenges the president to resign?” he asked.

The Ketereh MP pointed out that he had only a week after he was sacked as BN secretary-general, personally made a stand against calls for Zahid’s resignation as Umno president over his ongoing corruption charges.

“We must instil respect for the presidential institution, not the presidential figure.

“There may be problems with the presidential figure. If we demand a president to resign before his (three-year) term is up, what more this year would be his final year, we are not respecting the presidential institution,” said Annuar.

He said any critiques toward the presidential figure should not be seen as an attempt to sabotage the party, as to do so would spell the “death of democracy” in Umno.

Throughout the two-day Umno AGM proceedings, Annuar said there were repeated calls for Umno members to close ranks, and that it contradicted the challenge issued during Zahid’s winding-up speech today.

Given the resolution for Umno to remain in government until GE15, Annuar said the same should apply to the party’s ministers.

“Why the need to challenge a minister to resign?

“But if truly there is that urge to ask (the minister) to resign, there is power (of the president) to propose it to the supreme council for endorsement.

“If the person (minister) accepts, then he will resign,” said Annuar.

To an earlier question from the two hosts on his view from the overall proceedings, Annuar said he was happy and grateful that initial rumours surrounding alleged sabotage attempts were untrue.

While initially stating that he only wished to comment on the two different styles of winding-up speeches, rather than the individuals, he eventually opened up with praise for Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan.

“One of the speeches is short, precise, candid, blunt and straightforward […] but I can immediately recall the message,” said Annuar, adding that the other speech appeared to be made by an “angry man”.

Targeted for his views to maintain an alliance with Bersatu, Annuar said it remains his personal opinion that all Malay-based parties should remain united, but he would accept the resolution passed by the Umno AGM.

Earlier, Zahid had an overwhelming show of support for a motion to empower him and the supreme council to decide when they would leave the PN government.

Umno previously stated that it would stay in the government until Parliament is dissolved.

Party number two Mohamad in his speech prior to Zahid’s, indicated that the preliminary exit timeline is in August – which is when the state of emergency comes to an end.


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