GE15: Bersatu ready to take on Umno, even if in all 222 seats

‘We can have a straight fight, or three-corner, or even four corner fights…’

Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin today said his party is ready to take on Umno, even if the latter contests in all Parliament seats available in the next election, according to a news report.

According to Malay daily Sinar Harian, Muhyiddin (photo, above) declared if Umno intends to contest all 222 parliamentary seats, Bersatu will do the same.

“Umno better take all 222 parliamentary seats then. If they win and form a government, then it is okay. But if Umno is taking all (the seats), then I (Bersatu) also want to take all.

“We can have a straight fight, or three-corner, or even four corner fights… Because this is politics,” he said.

Muhyiddin spoke about the issue during a press conference in Pagoh, Johor, today.

It is believed that he was responding to Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan’s remarks during the Umno General Assembly, which started today.

The Umno deputy president reportedly said the party would not let go of any of its seats.

Muhyiddin also stressed that he does not have any problem if Umno goes through with its plan not to work with Bersatu in the next election.

“However, I do not want to be arrogant because people will be angry. I understand the statement made by Umno leaders during the assembly because I was there before,” he said.

Bersatu and Umno have been involved in a tussle following a disagreement between the two parties.

One of the issues central to their dispute was over 15 parliamentary seats that Umno won in the 14th General Election. These seats had since belonged to Bersatu following the defection of the seats’ 15 Umno MPs.

Following this, the Umno supreme council decided that the party would not continue its cooperation with Bersatu for the next general election.


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