IGP rules out RCI, says cartel under control

Abdul Hamid Bador says he disclosed the matter to warn his men.

The country’s top cop today brushed off calls for a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) to investigate his claim that there was a cartel within the police force aiming to oust him.

Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador told reporters that he had the situation under control.

“I have explained it, that it is within my control. Why I shared this issue with the public is because I want the public to know that I know what they know (about issues plaguing the force).

“And I also want my men to realise that it is something very bad. I know what is going on down there.

“So, if anyone has the ambition to set up another group (within the police force), just stop it,” he told a press conference in Bukit Aman today.

Hamid was responding to a reporter’s request for him to elaborate more on the cartel the existence of which he revealed recently.

Last week, he disclosed a movement comprising young police officers within the force conspiring to get rid of him.

The police chief also stated that he knows who are the officers involved in the cartel.

However, there is no plan to reveal their names.

“I will take action. I will discuss with my deputy (on this),” he said when asked if he would reveal who the officers were.

Elaborating, Hamid said he has no problem with cops who are ambitious.

However, it should not be paired with unhealthy practices, he added.

“If an officer has the ambition to become an inspector-general, it is good. Work towards it, and it must be with the intention to do the best when one becomes a leader.

“However, from the solid information that I received, the plan is different. The intention is different (not noble).

“I do not want the old negative culture to be revived in the police force. We must change,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hamid in a press conference yesterday also spoke about corruption plaguing the force from top to bottom, including to the level of inspector-general.

When prompted to speak more about this, he declined to reveal who he had meant. However, he hinted that everyone supposedly knows who the person he was referring to.

“Why at that time nobody asked this to the IGP then? It has been the talk of the town. I guess the media was intimidated then?

“All the things that I revealed really happened. If I were to detail everything… As I said, you also know this, but you just want me to say the name.”

Hamid also dismissed allegations by certain quarters that he is exposing the issues now to get his contract as the top cop extended.

For the record, his contract is scheduled to end by this May.

“I did not do this to test the market, or try to get my contract renewed,” he said.


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