PH MPs gather at Parliament to call for Dewan Rakyat sitting

Only about 65 of Pakatan Harapan’s 88 MPs turned up.

Pakatan Harapan MPs gather at the Parliament building in Kuala Lumpur today, calling for Dewan Rakyat to convene during the emergency period.

Only about 65 of 88 Pakatan Harapan MPs turned up at the parliament house today, calling for the Dewan Rakyat to convene and for an end to the emergency period.

The meeting was planned by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to coincide with a briefing on the government’s Covid-19 vaccination programme by Khairy Jamaluddin this morning.

MalaysiaNow previously reported that a group of opposition MPs were planning to gather at the Parliament building to push for a Dewan Rakyat sitting during the emergency.

This followed a message from Khairy to Anwar, asking the opposition leader to set a date and venue for a briefing for key leaders of the coalition about the national immunisation programme.

PH leaders however insisted that the briefing be delivered to all MPs, including those outside the coalition.

The briefing was conducted in two sessions earlier today, with government MPs briefed in a morning session and opposition MPs briefed in the afternoon.


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