IGP wants to eradicate ‘blue code of silence’

Abdul Hamid doesn’t want the culture of police turning a blind eye to the wrongs of their peers.

Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador said he wants to eradicate the “blue code of silence”.

He said this was necessary in order to turn the police service into a world-class agency.

“In the US, there is the ‘blue code of silence’. It means that the police turn a blind eye to the wrongs of their peers.

“They sweep the matter under the carpet and not speak of it, ostensibly because they will lose their fangs if they do.

“I don’t want this culture,” he said when asked to elaborate on his previous claim that a “cartel” involving young police officers who were trying to oust him out of self-interest.

To this, Abdul Hamid warned that these young officers will abuse the force in the future.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you know that in the past the police have been abused to intimidate those who try to report crimes.

“Do we want to face such police again? Malaysians deserve police that is fair, friendly and with integrity.

“That is what I’m trying to instil,” he said.

Not only are some young officers a problem, Abdul Hamid claimed that there are also retired police officers who are trying to throw their weight around.

“Especially those who are retired but still wish to use their (former) positions to ask for this and that from my officers – who expressed disappointment if they are not served – they will try to find fault with us.

“The police do not belong to me but to the country. My responsibility is to lead the police in the right direction,” he said.

Abdul Hamid recently had a fruitful hour-long chat with Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin on the matter.

He added that he will be discussing matters further with Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin.


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