Info chief: Umno firm on no cooperation with PKR, DAP

Shahril Hamdan says Anwar can claim otherwise but Umno’s decision still stands.

While talks are brewing about a new political alignment involving Umno and PKR, insiders at the largest Malay-based political party has dismissed that the two are going to tie formal cooperation soon.

Umno information chief Shahril Hamdan (above) said the party is still holding on to its supreme council’s decision not to work with PKR or DAP.

However, he said it is up to PKR president Anwar Ibrahim to claim that his party is in negotiation with Umno for political cooperation.

Sources inside Umno revealed that the party is not part of Anwar’s scheduled press conference later this evening, where the latter is expected to address issues on the purported cooperation.

“The decision made at Umno’s annual general meeting (AGM) 2019 is still in effect and numerous statements by top party leaders made no mention of cooperation with PKR and DAP.

“Rejecting cooperation with Bersatu does not mean immediately being together with another party,” Shahril said in a statement today.

“The fact is, Umno’s supreme council has never changed the 2019 Umno AGM’s resolution to reject cooperation with PKR and DAP,” he added.

Shahril’s statement came in the wake of a recent Anwar interview with Utusan Malaysia where he spoke about the two parties possibly collaborating.

The opposition chief had stressed that a series of unofficial meetings between PKR and Umno was “positive” and if the two manage to reach a mutual understanding, it would be on sound principles.

However, Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan told the media yesterday that he was unaware of such meetings.

This morning, Anwar announced that a press conference will be held at 4.30pm at the Eastin Hotel in Petaling Jaya, where he is expected to address the issue.

Meanwhile, sources close to Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi claimed that the party has not embarked on talks over the matter.

“Umno did have talks with Anwar and PKR, but the discussions were more towards issues like ending this Emergency Proclamation, asking for the government to extend loan moratorium, i-Sinar and such.

“We are firm on these issues. Because without all the support, these issues won’t be addressed.

“However, Umno has not gone into political talks with PKR. Because Umno cannot work with PKR and Anwar politically, as we have differences in ideology and stand on some issues,” said the source.


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