DAP sacks 8 for aligning with PN

Seven of the DAP members allegedly accepted positions offered by PN.

DAP has withdrawn the membership for seven individuals in Perak for taking up positions offered by Perikatan Nasional (PN).

The seven were said to have accepted the position of chairperson for Village Development and Security Committee in their respective villages.

They are Wong Chee Ming, Choo Kok Cheng, Liew Kee Ho, Loh Kok Weng, Cheng Kai Meng, Khor Ah Lak and Wong Chee.

Another person, Chan Fook Ching, had his membership terminated because he was serving as the assistant to Malim Nawar assemblyperson Leong Cheok Keng.

Leong’s membership was terminated on Jan 19 for allegedly joining MCA.

Malin Nawar assemblyperson Leong Cheok Keng

In a statement, DAP disciplinary committee chairperson Chong Chien Jen said all party members are not allowed to take up positions offered by PN without permission from the party leadership.

“Do not sacrifice party integrity and personal honour for the positions or other personal benefits offered by PN.

“This is not only an act of betrayal to the party but also a betrayal to the people,” he said.

Leong was among three DAP state assembly members to have defected since the fall of the Pakatan Harapan government in the state last year.


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