Boss in M’sia cries & apologises after employee quits

She apologised for the way the staff had been treated.

For some people, resigning from a job is a huge breath of relief.

But for one man in Malaysia, his resignation was very bittersweet and heartbreaking, because of the people that he worked with.

On Thursday (Mar. 11), Twitter user Sodiqin (@MrSodiqin) shared a video of him giving his boss a farewell present on his last day of work, which caused his boss to break down and cry and apologise to him.

Had a very tight-knit team, never felt left out

The reason that his resignation was so emotional was because the team he was working in, the sales department of their company, loved working together, Sodiqin told World of Buzz.

The 23-year-old said that when he first began working there, there were 11 other people in the department.

However, they all began to leave, such that when the Covid-19 pandemic began, there were only five of them left.

This meant that the five remaining staff members worked very closely together and developed a close bond.

He also added that although he was the only Malay on the team, as the rest were Chinese, they never made him feel left out.

For example, he told World of Buzz that they made sure that he had disposable cutlery when hanging out with them, and would pack halal food for him when they would eat non-halal food.

They would also always choose halal cafes to hang out in, and would check to make sure the he was alright in the office.

“There is so much more of these little things they did that made a big impact,” Sodiqin said. “There are just too many times that they would stand up for me in the company. It took a toll on me when I had to leave. They were family to me.”

Issue between management and department

However, World of Buzz reported, things became more difficult once the pandemic kicked in.

There was an issue between the company’s management and Sodiqin’s department, which he said caused the staff in his department to feel like they couldn’t grow with the company anymore.

He said that he and his colleagues tried to let the issues pass a few times because of their love for working in the team, but eventually, all of them except for their boss decided to resign.

Sodiqin said that it was difficult for the team to make the decision to leave, because it would mean leaving their boss as well, who he said cannot leave her job.

So, to help his boss remember him and his colleagues, Sodiqin decided to buy her a present on his last day of work, World of Buzz reported.

“I decided to buy her a plant because her [existing] plant in the office won’t grow. And, I made eight keychains with pictures of the five of us throughout our time there.”

Boss apologised for not protecting him

In the video Sodiqin posted on Twitter, he could be seen giving his boss the keychains and plant, as she told him, “Can you not make me cry?”

Photo via Twitter / MrSodiqin.

She began crying, and she and Sodiqin shared an emotional hug.

“I know you’re strong,” Sodiqin told her boss, to which she replied crying, “I’m not strong.”

Throughout the video, she sobbed and apologised repeatedly to Sodiqin for being “useless” and not protecting him:

“You shouldn’t get this kind of treatment, you shouldn’t. I’m so sorry, Qin.”

Photo via Twitter / MrSodiqin.

Sodiqin told his boss that she had done her part, and that he had loved his time working there.

His boss added that while she wished that he could continue to keep working there, she knew she had to let him go, and that he would be treated better when he went to a new job.

She said that Sodiqin had been very helpful, and that “all of you guys” had been very good. She added that she wasn’t sure how she would survive now that she didn’t have them.

“She felt like she failed to protect us and keep us going. But, we always told her that she did best and we would surely come back when everything is okay,” Sodiqin told World of Buzz.

The original tweet is no longer available, but you can watch the full video here:


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