Uncle Kentang offers himself up as ‘sugar baby’ to aid the needy

Money made from hour-long RM50 ‘makan’ date will go to charity, says Klang Valley folk hero

KUALA LUMPUR – As the debate continues on whether becoming a “sugar baby” empowers women or whether Putrajaya should ban the Sugarbook app, Kuan Chee Heng, affectionately known as Uncle Kentang, is offering himself up as one for hire.
In a Facebook post, Uncle Kentang today offered himself up for “makan” at RM50 an hour.
Those who want to spend a bit more time with him can get him for two hours at RM95.
The money, he said, will go to charity, and aid the poor and needy.
“I am for rent/sale. No disappointment guaranteed. Warranty for use,” the Facebook post read.

Kuan Chee Heng, affectionately known as Uncle Kentang, today offered to become a ‘sugar baby’ as part of his ‘Saving Malaysia, Lonely Women Campaign’. – Kuan Chee Heng Facebook pic,

 Calling it the “Saving Malaysia, Lonely Women Campaign”, he said his actions are also aimed at fighting fraud and scammers.
“Malaysian women give money to virtual lovers… oii… I can say I love you so much a million times to you each day… pay me RM50 a day… money goes to charity,” he added.

For the underprivileged in the Klang Valley, Kuan is something of a folk hero. 

He has started several initiatives, ranging from a RM1 funeral hearse service to a 10 sen taxi service.

Currently, he and his organisation – Community Policing Malaysia – are working on a mobile app that allows poor folk to inform him of their needs and their location.
In 2019, Uncle Kentang stood as an independent candidate in the Semenyih by-election. He garnered 725 votes, but lost the seat to Umno’s Zakaria Hanafi.


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