A year after first Covid-19 case, DG cannot tell when it will end

COVID-19 | ‘It saddens me today that we have endured one year of fighting against Covid-19,’ says Noor Hisham.

Today marks exactly one year since Malaysia reported its first Covid-19 case and for Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, the end of the pandemic is far from sight.

“It saddens me that we have endured one year of fighting against Covid-19 in our country. The end is nowhere near to be seen,” he wrote on his social media accounts today.

On Jan 25 last year, Malaysia reported three confirmed Covid-19 cases. The first death was not reported until March 17 – a day before the country went into the first round of Covid-19 lockdowns.

Currently, Malaysia is dealing with the third wave of Covid-19 cases which began in September and shows no signs of abating.

This month to date, 207 deaths have been attributed to Covid-19, up from 111 deaths reported last month.

Currently, the public health system is buckling, forcing the Health Ministry to limit contact tracing efforts. At the same time, those with no symptoms are told to go into home quarantine, which could risk infecting their families.

Noor Hisham said despite the mental and physical fatigue, health workers and all of society must soldier on.

“Everyone, no matter who you are, must shoulder this responsibility to save our country together.

“Comply with the SOPs, wear your face mask properly, wash your hands and maintain physical distancing. Stay at home if you have no urgent matters outside.

“Together, we can break the chain of Covid-19 transmission. We must be united and together the fight will go on, God willing,” he added.


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