Reimagine your safe space at home through art

Bangkok’s art scene is kicking off to a great start this year with 333 Anywhere Art Gallery showcasing the unique talents of Rungploy Lorpaitoon and Puttalak Dadsada, who have worked in collaboration with Samsung TV for this event to create installations which are thought-provoking and inspirational.

Expect to see several screens at the exhibition, which runs from today until Jan 20, that send a positive message of brighter days ahead.

333 Anywhere Art Gallery. (Photos courtesy of 333 Anywhere Art Gallery)

Puttalak has created a cosy and comfortable space for the audience with some assistance from digital moguls like Samsung as her installation consists of approximately six screens placed in a space best described as the family living room and titled My Studio, My Loving Room. Her intention behind highlighting this part of the home is the fact that it is where most of us spend our time. Moreover, it is also an area where one gets to share a number of topics with friends and loved ones over lengthy conversations as well as the place where ideas are born and meals are shared. Families often pay extra attention to ensure their living rooms are as comfortable and tasteful as possible by adorning it with their most cherished pieces of furniture and items.

In this setup by Puttalak, the audience is provided an opportunity to come into contact with all her favourite items of furniture and art under one roof.

If you are wondering why she calls her living room “love room”, it is because each item you find there reminds her of a great memory or life lesson.

To add to the laid back ambience, she even added a small area where she often relaxes, reads, and explores the various ways of making art.

Puttalak Dadsada.

Meanwhile, Puttalak’s inspiration is derived from nature.

For Rungploy, whose installation is titled Under The Butterfly Wings, the awe-inspiring works are made up of individually created cloth bubbles hanging from a satin-clad wall. She is expecting visitors to become enchanted the moment they step into the gallery. The concept behind this eye-catching installation was her desire for the audience to take a break and listen to their inner voice and subconscious which is often ignored.

With the trials and tribulations as a result of the ongoing pandemic, Rungploy understands the need for us all to have a safe place that offers respite from what is happening outside the home.

Her suggestion to her audience is to embrace their emotions and feelings because “sooner rather than later, the butterfly [safe place] will move its wings”.

In short, instead of looking to the future with trepidation, look at it with hope and the possibilities that still lay ahead of us.


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