2020 in review: From creepy flowers to snail facials, these are weird and wonderful photos

Babies wearing face shields? Yup, it happened in the year of COVID-19

20201130 odd 4

25A local resident dressed as Yamraj, the Hindu god of death, wearing a coronavirus-themed balloon necklace, gestures as he poses during an awareness about social distancing and staying at home organized by Delhi police during a nationwide lockdown in New Delhi, India.Image Credit: Reuters

20201130 odd 8

2 of 25Nurses hold newborn babies wearing protective face shields at the Praram 9 hospital in Bangkok, ThailandImage Credit: Reuters

20201130 odd 17

3 of 25A man, with his face daubed in colors, wears eye frames made of bamboo straw during Holi celebrations in Chennai, India.Image Credit: Reuters

20201130 odd 12

4 of 25Norma Rashia, 22, undergoes facial massage with giant African land snails, which some claim boost collagen in the skin, in Amman, JordanImage Credit: Reuters

20201130 odd 2

5 of 25A smiley face is seen carved into the head of a sunflower in a field in Dunham Massey, Britain.Image Credit: Reuters

20201130 odd 3

6 of 25Sylvain, also known as Freaky Hoody, a primary school teacher and France’s “most tattooed man,” poses with his eyes full of black ink at Palaiseau, southern Paris, France.Image Credit: Reuters

20201130 odd 5

7 of 25Hossam Nasser, 32, plays with his camel “Anter” in front of his house in the Nubian village of Gharb Soheil, on the west bank of the Nile river in Aswan, Egypt.Image Credit: Reuters

20201130 odd 1

8 of 25Merlin Coles, 3, watches horse racing from Royal Ascot on TV at his home, while seated on his horse Mr Glitter Sparkles with his dog Mistress, in Bere Regis, Dorset, Britain.Image Credit: Reuters

20201130 odd 6

9 of 25Tercio Galdino, 66, and his wife Aliceia, 65, wear their protective ‘space suits’ as they walk on the sidewalk of Copacabana Beach amid the coronavirus outbreak in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.Image Credit: Reuters

20201130 odd 7

10 of 25Ryzhik the cat, which lost all four paws and received 3D-printed titanium prosthetics in 2019, is seen at the veterinarian clinic in Novosibirsk, Russia.Image Credit: Reuters

2020130 odd 9

11 of 25A person dressed up as Spider-Man sits next to cabs as taxi drivers hold a protest against taxi-hailing apps such as Uber, Cabify and Didi at Angel de la Independencia monument, in Mexico City, Mexico.Image Credit: Reuters

20201130 odd 10

12 of 25Nursery plants are seen placed in seats during a rehearsal before Barcelona’s Gran Teatre del Liceu opera held a concert for plants to raise awareness about the importance of an audience after the coronavirus lockdown, in Barcelona, Spain.Image Credit: Reuters

20201130 odd 11

13 of 25Pistachio, a puppy that was born with green fur, is seen on the day he was born on a farm on the island of Sardinia, in Pattada, Italy.Image Credit: Reuters

20201130 odd 13

14 of 25A man carries geese on top of his car as he drives on a highway that leads to the city of Ganja, Azerbaijan.Image Credit: Reuters

20201130 odd 14

15 of 25A French bulldog named Nord Boss stands with his skateboard at a skatepark in the Sokolniki Park in Moscow, Russia.Image Credit: Reuters

20201130 odd 15

16 of 25Eliza, 3, scoots over a piece of temporary floor art depicting a swimming pool in London, Britain.Image Credit: Reuters

Team GB rhythmic gymnast Lynne Karina Hutchison trains on the seafront in Hove, Britain Image Credit: Reuters

17 of 25

20201130 18

18 of 25Telexistence’s shelf-stacking avatar robot, designed to resemble a kangaroo and developed to work in a convenience store, is demonstrated ahead of its unveiling in Tokyo, JapanImage Credit: Reuters

20201130 odd 19

19 of 25A sponge with toothpicks is seen inside an elevator to prevent people from touching the lift buttons with their bare hands at a residential society, amid the coronavirus outbreak, in Mumbai, India.Image Credit: Reuters

20201130 odd 20

20 of 25An elevated tram that ran past the end of its track sits on a sculpture of a whale tail entitled “Saved by a Whale’s Tale” created by artist and architect Maarten Struijs, at De Akkers subway station in Spijkenisse, near Roterdam, NetherlandsImage Credit: Reuters

20201130 odd 21

21 of 25Friends Vinicius Sanctus and Alessandro Russo ride electric monowheels called ‘nuvem’ (cloud) that were invented by them and inspired by the magic flying brooms of the Harry Potter series, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.Image Credit: Reuters

20201130 odd 22

22 of 25Nguyen Van Chien, 92, sits for a portrait to show his 16.4 foot (5-meter) long hair which, according to him, has not been cut for nearly 80 years, at his home in Tien Giang province, Vietnam.Image Credit: Reuters

20201130 odd 22

23 of 25Belarusian shepherd Alexey Usikov, 33, drives a horse-drawn carriage equipped with a battery, headlights and small potbelly stove, which he crafted out of an old Audi-80, in the village of Knyazhytsy, Belarus.Image Credit: Reuters

20201130 odd 25

24 of 25A guinea pig wears a protective mask with a toy shopping cart during a demonstration in the office of a public organization, which launched the production of face masks for seniors and low-income citizens, in Kharkiv, Ukraine.Image Credit: Reuters

20201130 thailand

25 of 25A girl observes a partial solar eclipse on the Mahanakhon Skywalk Glass Tray at the King Power Mahanakhon building in Bangkok, Thailand.Image Credit: Reuters

Reuters and Compiled by Christian Borbon, Senior Web Editor

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