Time for Japanese anime

The new creations perfectly capture the central characters namely Naruto and Sasuke, as well as Boruto and Sarada, among others

FANS of Japanese anime might find this piece of news enticing. Seiko 5 Sports recently revamped and launched seven new creations inspired by two leading and immensely popular Japanese animations, Naruto and Boruto. 

Seiko, which is known mainly for its durability, first hit the market in 1968 and made a comeback last year, with watches for all ages. 

Naruto, on the other hand, was first broadcasted in Japan in 2002, before making an international debut, gaining fans globally.

For the uninitiated, Boruto is the sequel to the series and focuses on Naruto’s son, Boruto Uzumaki. 

According to a press release by Seiko, the watches’ movements are all Seiko tried and trusted automatic Calibre 4R36, with 24 jewels, optional manual winding, a 41-hour power reserve and a hacking second hand. 

The watch maker added that all of the watches are water resistant with a 10 bar and have see-through case backs. 

“Each watch will come in a box which is inspired by the Earth and Heaven scrolls from the Chūnin exams, a wide-scale exam used to test the skills of a junior ninja,” the statement read. 

The new creations perfectly capture the animations’ central characters, which are Naruto, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Lee, Gaara, Boruto and Sarada. 

The series will be available from December 2020, and will offer only 6,500 pieces of each design. 

Naruto Uzumaki

This design will invoke Naruto’s iconic ninja outfit, while the worn-like bezel reflects the tough training it takes to become a Hokage.

The bezel ring plate is designed after his forehead protector, while the iconic Jutsu inspires the spiral pattern of the dial. 

The nine orange indexes hint at the nine tails sealed, and the 12 o’clock position index represents a pendant inherited from Tsunade. 

The Uzumaki Clan’s Kamon is printed on the case back. 


Friend and rival to Naruto, Sasuke is captured well in this blue dialled watch, where the trademark Jutsu “Chidori” is reflected in the dial pattern.

The horizontal line on the Hidden Leaf Village symbol on the bezel represents the scar marked on the forehead protector by Naruto and the case back is printed with the Uchiha Clan’s Kamon. 


Shikamaru’s “Shadow Possession Jutsu” is seen in the dial of the watch, where the black colour scheme with green accents and mesh-like dial ring are in line with the character’s attire. 

The indexes are made in the shape of Shikamaru’s favourite game piece, Shogi, while the case back carries the Nara Clan’s Kamon. 


This watch showcases a colour combination reminiscent of the character’s trademark jumpsuit and leg warmers. 

The bezel reflects one side of the bandages on his arms and legs, while the other shows the “The Eight Inner Gates”. 

The case back portrays the kanji characters found on his heavy ankle weights. 


Its brown case and pressed pattern of the dial are inspired by sand, while the kanji character for love at the one o’clock position brings Gaara and the One Tailed beside him to life.

The pattern inspired by his gourd is reflected on both the dial ring and case back. 


Inheriting the father’s Jutsu “Rasengan”, this watch has the same spiral pattern in black, while the colour of his costume is reflected in the bright pink colour accents on its strap and the second hand.

The 12 o’clock index is inspired by a bolt as seen in the animation’s logo, and Uzumaki Klan’s Kamon is printed on the case back. 


The Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu Sarada inherited from her father Sasuke is showcased in the red gradation dial. 

The single Tomoe mark at the five o’clock dial is indicative of her status as a young ninja in training, while the two-tone bezel is symbolic of her inheritance from both parents as ninjas.


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