No joke: Cat eats owner’s degree, but internet is on its side

If you’re a cat owner, you’ll know the critters can be picky eaters. Unfortunately for one man, his cat chose something very expensive to snack on — his degree.

Taking to Twitter on Monday (Dec 21) to share the aftermath, Malaysian Afif Adlan Mohd Hanafiah raged: “My cat f****** ate my degree!!!!!!!”


Sharing a photo of the Bachelor of Science degree, completely shredded in one corner, Afif marvelled that his cat Mika had chosen to munch on it out of all the other “useless papers” in his room.

“It’s like he f******* knew.”

But as Afif’s tweet blew up to the tune of over 481,000 likes and 74,000 retweets, it became apparent that Mika could do no wrong in the eyes of amused netizens, who offered various excuses in its defence.

Afif’s plight also prompted other fur parents to chime in — turns out their pets also shared a similar penchant for destroying important documents.

One wrote: “My dog ate mine the week before I had to leave to go to another country and submit it as proof to complete my registration for a graduate program.”

PHOTO: Screengrab/Twitter

Another shared a photo of an academic transcript which had been chewed up by their kitten.

PHOTO: Screengrab/Twitter

Also on the menu? Actual dollar bills.

PHOTO: Screengrab/Twitter

Fortunately, all’s well that ends well, at least where Afif’s degree is concerned.

His viral tweet caught the attention of his alma mater, the University of Nottingham, which assured him in a tongue-in-cheek reply that it was “purrfectly sure” it could “sort something out”.

To his credit, Afif appears to be learning from his mistake and is planning to laminate his new degree.



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