GoFundMe campaign launched for ‘loneliest’ Malaysian in Australian hospital

Crowdfunders kick off donation drive within hours of Khaidir Abu Jalil’s story being published in a Sydney daily

KUALA LUMPUR – Two kind Malaysians have launched a donation drive for Khaidir Abu Jalil, the 34-year-old Malaysian construction engineer dubbed the “loneliest man” in a Sydney hospital, who has been warded for over half a year without any visitor.

The individuals who identified themselves as Isaac Wong and Chiu Lau organised the fundraiser on crowdfunding website GoFundMe today, hours after a Sydney newspaper highlighted his plight.

Malaysian construction engineer Khaidir Abu Jalil has necrotising skin lesions on his hands and elbows, while his lungs have been rapidly deteriorating. He was even resuscitated in the intensive care unit of St Vincent’s Hospital more than once. – The Sydney Morning Herald pic

“I hope you are having a good break,” read the opening line on the description of the campaign.

“We have organised this gofundme for Khaidir Abu Jalil after reading about his story on (The) Sydney Morning Herald. Khaidir has an autoimmune disease that has severely impacted his health and has been in treatment for sometime.”

According to the Herald, Khaidir suffers from a rare autoimmune disease called dermatomyositis, with a 50% survival rate.

Although he fell ill in February, he arrived at the St Vincent’s Public Hospital in July and does not know anyone in Australia.

The Herald’s report quoted Dr Laila Girgis, head of rheumatology at the hospital, as saying that he had come to Australia to earn money to support his family in Malaysia.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic, which prevented family or friends from travelling to be with him, saw him losing his job as a construction engineer in Melbourne. His visa status is uncertain and he became homeless after his lease ended on an apartment in Victoria, Dr Girgis said.

His weight has also fallen by half to 42kgs since February and his temperature spikes past  40°C daily.

He also has necrotising skin lesions on his hands and elbows, while his lungs have been rapidly deteriorating. On numerous occasions, Khaidir has been resuscitated in the intensive care unit.

Khaidir is expected to be discharged in time for Christmas this week before he is sent to a homeless shelter called Tierney House, operated by the hospital, for only two weeks. Beyond that, he has no money and an unpredictable visa status.

The campaign organiser noted that based on current information Khaidir will be discharged in time for Christmas and will spend time at the shelter in the city’s Darlinghurst area.

According to the news report, the hospital hopes donors will support the ongoing cost of his immuno-suppressing drugs and other medications by donating to St Vincent’s Hope Healing and Humanity Fund.

“But we thought it would be beneficial to help him get back on his feet,” the campaign organisers noted on the GoFundMe page for Khaidir.

“We also encourage the spreading of this post on social platforms to your friends and family.”

Those interested to donate can do so here.

By : A Azim Idris – THE VIBES

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