The Most Proud Contemporary Indonesian Guitarist: Alip Ba Ta

Indonesia would be proud of the presence of Alip Ba Ta, a Youtuber from Ponorogo, East Java, whose excellent in fingerstyle skills in playing his guitar. The gentleman whose real name is Alief Gustakhiyat has succeeded in astonishing the world through his skills.

Alip Ba Ta does not need to display handsome, cool, selling visuals and even a words . It is the antithesis of the normal elements as most people would think. With his simple round neck t-shirt, shorts that seem like that again, and cigarettes and ashtrays as accompaniments, Alip Ba Ta has succeeded in attracting the attention of the masses to subscribe to his YouTube Channel.

Alip Ba Ta also records all fingerstyle guitar playing quite simply. This can be seen clearly from the videos uploaded on the channel. You don’t need a fancy recording device, you can use a cellphone, but the quality of the content is maintained, so that anyone will never be bored to stop by his YouTube Channel.

Alief Gustakhiyat a.k.a Alip Ba Ta

Alip Ba Ta plays almost all genres of music through his fingerstyle acts. Whatever the song, it will sound fantastic when it is in the hands of Alip Ba Ta. For example the songs ‘My Heart Will Go On’ Celine Dion, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Queen, ‘No Woman No Cry’ Bob Marley, ‘The Godfather’ soundtrack to The Godfather film, ‘Californication’ Red Hot Chilli Peppers, ‘Numb’ Linkin Park, down to the theme song of the past game, Super Mario Bros, which he played in such a neat, detailed, sounding classy and more elegant. Bravo!

Alip Ba Ta’s first cover version of ‘Tetty Kadi – Sepanjang Jalan Kenangan’ uploaded to YouTube on Juy 20, 2018 garnered 1.17 millions viewsYouTube

This has made musicians of this calibre give positive comments to his fingerstyle talents, a new phenomenon from Asia. All the Indonesian guitarists such as Gigi, Dewa Budjana, who said that he himself couldn’t play fingerstyle as clearly and skillful as Alip Ba Ta. Budjana also said that Alip is a great guitarist, and it’s time to compose and play his own songs.

In addition, another proud opinion came from legendary guitarist Brian May, who was one of the founders of the best band of this century, Queen. He posted a video of Alip Ba Ta playing the phenomenal Queen song “Bohemian Rhapsody” on his personal Facebook page. Queen’s official account also does the same. The famous Russian guitarist Igor Presnyakov, who is often called Uncle Igor by his fans, and is used to covering popular songs like Alip Ba Ta, also commented positively on Alip’s skills. Not to forget, Synyster Gates, guitarist for metal band Avenged Sevenfold, who is ranked as the 87th best guitarist in the world according to Guitar World magazine, also gave exorbitant praise to Alip. As for now, Alip Ba Ta is a forklift operator working in the Cakung area in East Jakarta.

‘My Heart Will Go On’ Celine Dion’s cover version by Alip Ba Ta has attracted 10.5 millions viewersYouTube

It is not only Indonesia who is proud. Now Alip is the newest music phenomenon from Asia. Alip Ba Ta could be the “Most Proud Indonesian Contemporary Guitarist.”

From Alip Ba Ta we can learn and be more confident that simplicity and being what it is are the keys. Not the key to success, but the key to being able to make yourself and others happy.

‘Munajatku’ a song composed by Alip Ba Ta and dedicated to his third child, uploaded to YouTube on Nov 27, 2019 and currently has attracted 3.5 millions subscribers YouTube
Alip Ba Ta

Source : Vantage Indonesia / THE JAKARTA POST

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