Cakes with edible, realistic-looking lizards and cockroaches made by an Ipoh home baker

The Slice Ipoh Homebaker

Thinking of pests like cockroaches and lizards are enough to make most people’s hair stand. So, who would anyone make edible replicas and serve it on a cake?

Well, that someone is The Slice Ipoh Homebaker. If you are a fan, this baker makes cakes that come embellished with eerily realistic cockroaches and lizards that you can eat.

A post on their Facebook page shows pictures of a muddy grey cake covered with lizards, not just on top of the cake, but crawling on the sides too. And it’s garnered the attention of quite a number of netizens, with over 12,000 shares.

The home baker has also shared photos of other cakes that would make the skin of most people crawl — one covered with terrifyingly realistic cockroaches and the other topped with a smiling lizard and caterpillars 

Image may contain: food

It isn’t surprising that these cakes have left plenty of people feeling appalled and nauseated.

PHOTO: Facebook/Screengrab 

Others though have cheekily tagged their friends and joked about getting it for a future birthday celebration.

PHOTO: Facebook/Screengrab 

While The Slice Ipoh Homebaker’s lizard and cockroach cakes are not our cup of tea, they do craft other types of cakes in the form of bags, lifelike hearts, branded cars and even an entire office building

However, given the baker’s penchant for cakes that have a unique target audience, it seems certain that we can expect more “uncomfortable” creations.


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