Tough lady Ti gets a hand from preacher Ebit

PETALING JAYA: Christine Ti is a tough old lady, the septuagenarian lost her job after the movement control order but she refused to be subdued and is still hard at work, driving her trusty 25-year-old Kancil as a Foodpanda delivery woman.

When the car broke down, though, things became very difficult for her and she is struggling to make ends meet.

Celebrity preacher Ebit Lew came to her rescue, but even he was moved to tears by the story of the senior KL native’s trials and tribulations.

Celebrity preacher Ebit Lew offered to help pay for Christine Ti’s 25-year-old Kancil to be serviced and have the tyres replaced. (Facebook pic)

“Her mother had just passed away, leaving her and another sibling behind,” he said, saluting the elderly woman’s writing ability and revealed she was previously a writer who lost her job in MCO.

“Now she’s delivering for Foodpanda in her 25-year-old Kancil.”

Having heard her story, he offered to help pay for the vehicle to be serviced and have her tyres replaced. He intended to visit her house upon hearing that it was also in disrepair.

Although it was hard to make ends meet, he said she was content and happy with her work.

“No office politics. No kids. Getting RM4 here and RM7 there, However, she told me even RM7 was hard to come by,” said Lew.

“It pains me to see this happen to such a strong and diligent person.”


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