Apam Lambong Telur, popular snack in Pasar Gok Kapur

KOTA BHARU : ‘Apam Lambong Telur’, a traditional kuih(cake) from Thailand, is fast gaining popularity among Malaysians especially those who reside in Kelantan.

Thanks to Rosnani Mat, 28, who has opened a stall at Pasar Gok Kapur, here, apam lambong telur lovers now no longer have to visit the neighbouring country to satisfy their cravings.

Despite being a small-sized business, her cake has been well-received by the public as she uses the original recipe from her mother Rohana Abdullah, 63, who hails from Thailand.

In fact, Rosnani’s business is becoming more popular after a video of the ‘egg wrap’ was featured by food and travel blogger, The Food Ranger, on Facebook recently, which garnered 33.5 million views and over 22,000 likes.

Significant to its name, the apam lambong telur which is made from wheat flour and eggs, will be flipped (lambung) in the air during the cooking process to release it from the mould.

“To add flavour, shredded coconut mixed with a pinch of salt and sugar will be sprinkled on top before the apam is rolled to make it a complete snack,” Rosnani told Bernama when met at her stall.

She said the family business which began some 30 years ago has survived until today due to positive feedback from customers, and she could sell over 200 pieces of apam a day at RM2 each.

“I need more than 200 chicken eggs every day, one for each apam, and also up to three kilogrammes of young, shredded coconut.

“This kuih is not only loved by the locals but also customers from Kuala Lumpur, Perak and others and it can last up to two days if kept in the fridge,” she added.

Elaborating, Rosnani, who learned to make the cake since she was little said, only the experts could make the apam perfectly.

“Besides following the recipe to the hilt, the correct cooking temperature and timing which is around five minutes, are important to get the perfect texture to enable it to ‘jump out’ from the mould,” she said.

Meanwhile, customer Samsuddin Yasin, 65, said he would visit Rosnani’s stall twice a week to buy the apam lambong telur.

“It has been 10 years since I first bought this kuih here. So far, I have never found it elsewhere and for me, it is very delicious, rich in flavour and fluffy,” he said.

By : Noornasrin Salsabila Othman – BERNAMA

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