Flooding Anticipation; Jakarta Installs Thousands of Vertical Drainage System

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Jakarta Water Resources Agency Head, Juaini, said his side was installing vertical drainage to anticipate flooding in the capital city. He targeted to complete the installation of five thousand systems this year.

“We continue installing it. It has now been around three thousand [vertical drainages],” said Juaini on Thursday, November 12, 2020.

According to him, the construction will be resumed in 2021 if it is not completed this year. The agency also planned to seek a new vendor that could build more vertical drainage systems. 

“So we will have more vendors at the beginning of the year. Perhaps, there will also be cooperation with the community,” Juaini added.

The agency is also dredging 30 reservoirs across the city to prevent rising water. Besides, as many as 178 water pumps, 19 mobile flood pumps, and 65 floating pumps have been prepared. “90 percent of them have been repaired. We are repairing the rest 10 percent,” he said.

With those preparations, Juaini was optimistic that if Jakarta is inundated, the floodwater will subside in less than six hours. However, the case will be different if the flood is caused by water flows from Bogor or occurs in lowland areas. “The floodwater will then recede longer than six hours,” he said.


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