Working on a Singapore egg farm

Inside Singapore’s Largest Egg Farm

Singaporeans are #egglovers. There is no way to make their favourite chai tow kway (carrot cake), half-boiled eggs, or even chili crab without eggs. 27% of the eggs in Singapore are actually produced by local farms. Seng Choon Farm is one of the largest suppliers, producing around 600,000 eggs a day! CNA Insider got an exclusive inside look at their farm to see how automation is used to maximise productivity.

In Singapore, few locals work on farms (even high-tech ones). Meet these two outliers – a young vet and a hairdresser-turned-farmhouse manager.

They Work On A High-Tech Egg Farm In Singapore

She’s a young vet, and he a hairdresser-turned-farmhouse manager working on Seng Choon egg farm. In Singapore, few locals work on farms, handling poultry or livestock, making these two outliers. Even as farming here goes high-tech, some jobs still require the human touch.


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