‘Short-term cooperation’ between Umno and Anwar not impossible

PETALING JAYA : A Pakatan Harapan source says a “short-term cooperation” between Umno and Parti Keadilan Rakyat president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is not impossible.

According to the source, such short-term cooperation will only last about a year.

It says Anwar has planned to work with Members of Parliament from Umno in order to get the numbers to form the new government.

However, the new government could be short-lived, depending on when Umno wants to terminate its cooperation with Anwar to force a snap poll.

“Umno wants the election at a time it is most powerful and PPBM is weakest.”

As such, even if Anwar eventually gets to become prime minister, an early general election is almost unavoidable, because after Umno wins the war with Muhyiddin and works with Anwar, it will start fighting Pakatan Harapan in turn.

“One year, or one and a half. Anytime when PPBM becomes very weak, Umno will then abandon Anwar.”


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