Dubai’s Deira souq is perfect for a weekend outing

Affordable goods, old-world charm and abra rides make this spot a must-visit

Deira Souq
Located in the bustling heart of Old Dubai on either side of the Dubai Creek, the Deira Souk gives fascinating glimpses into the UAE’s rich history and heritage. | Above: A man sits in front of a souvenir shop in the Deira Souk.Image Credit: AFP
Deira Souq
The souqs date back to the early 1900s when Dubai was the largest trading market on the Gulf Coast. | Above: A woman following COVID-19 precautions at the Deira Souq.Image Credit: AFP
Deira Souq
The souqs come alive at night, with neon shop signs illuminating the streets and hundreds of pedestrians occupying the walkways.Image Credit: AFP
Deira Souq
Be prepared to be overwhelmed by loud noises and shops selling everything from beautiful textiles, leather goods and electronics to souvenirs – all very affordable.Image Credit: AFP
Deira Souk
Offering goods ranging from stunning jewellery, rare fabrics and silks to exotic perfumes and spices, these traditional bazaars showcase a rich legacy. Image Credit: AFP
Deira Souq
The Dubai Spice Souq is a delight to the senses. The market mainly sells herbs, spices, soaps and much more.Image Credit: AFP
Dubai Souq
Visitors seeking to experience a truly authentic Arabian journey and find unique items at unbeatable prices wouldn’t want to miss a stop at one of these vibrant Dubai Souq. | Above: A shopper inspects souvenirs at the Deira Souq.Image Credit: AFP
Deira Souq
While the souq is accessible by the Dubai Metro and taxi, once there it’s highly recommended to take the Abra over Dubai Creek. But be warned: A parking spot near the souq is tough to find.Image Credit: AFP
Deira souq
Traditional homes and glass giants exist in the souq; be prepared for the juxtaposition of the old and new here. Image Credit: AFP

Nilanjana Javed – GULF NEWS / AFP

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