Political virus everywhere

Like the coronavirus, our society has been teeming with all sorts of hearsay rumors after the Sabah elections.

Several political social media groups have posted their own shocking messages. Just a few examples:

  1. “Anwar is entering the palace with a list of MPs supporting him, seeking the King’s consent to form a new government.”

To make sure the “news” was persuasive enough, a picture of the King granting audience to the PKR president was posted alongside the message.

The picture is most definitely not doctored. It’s just old! Moreover, the palace had already issued a statement the King was still recovering at the National Heart Institute.

I replied to the post: “Yes, he went, and with Michael Jackson!”

  1. “Anwar is meeting several Umno MPs at his Bukit Damansara residence. These Umno reps will later issue a public statement in support of Anwar.”

It’s not difficult to realize that this is a crude lie. Anwar moved out of Bukit Damansara long time ago!

One needs to stay updated in order to cheat convincingly.

Indeed, Anwar has recently moved again, this time to Sungai Long. It is said that he moved away from the bad feng shui of his previous home in Segambut.

Feng shui is evolving, but when will luck be on his side?

  1. “Shafie Apdal has arrived in KL to meet Muhyiddin. He will be made DPM on condition his Warisan joins Perikatan Nasional. DAP will also support Muhyiddin!”

This is really stunning and eye-popping, but if Shafie were to fly into KL now, he would have to be put on home quarantine. The health ministry has ruled that anyone arriving from Sabah will be quarantined for three to five days even if he or she tests negative for the virus and does not have any symptom.

A meeting with Muhyiddin is hardly possible at this moment!

Moreover, there isn’t any good reason for Muhyiddin to appoint Shafie, whose party only has nine seats in the Parliament, as DPM.

Malaysian politics is currently in a state of utter confusion. Outsiders have little idea what’s happening inside. And people inside the circle knows not what will happen the next second.

So we have all kinds of speculations and rumors, some willfully designed to mislead while others inciting public sentiments.

Many are easily made to believe, though. But the thing is, even in the midst of utter confusion, we cannot deny that there is some logic and commonsense that have driven such political maneuvers.

For instance, Anwar’s “Meridien Move” couldn’t have popped up without a reason.

On the chess board, Anwar is not the King but probably just a Bishop, Rook or Knight.

As time goes, his voice becomes smaller and smaller. I’m beginning to worry how he is going to answer to his supporters.

As for Shafie, he is not in KL but contemplating his next move in KK.

He should be very sad to know if he reads about the rumor of him being appointed DPM. The miracle he created for Sabah would have to be crushed.

Umno is not any better. Crack within the party begins to show up after Bung Moktar’s quest for CM post is rudely denied. Deputy president Mohamad Hasan has accused him of losing his direction, thus causing the party to lose its dominance in Sabah politics.

In short, internal rift is very much widening.

Umno’s relationship with PAS is also worsening, demanding each other to explain. Where has the national “consensus” gone?

In the midst of all the farce, it appears that PM Muhyiddin is the most at ease, watching how things go.

By : Tay Tian Yan – Sin Chew Daily

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