Free reusable antibacterial masks for Singapore residents from Sept 21

The Stay Prepared hotline recording no longer states that collection will commence on Sept 21.

However, a representative from Temasek Foundation has confirmed that distribution of the reusable masks starts on Sept 21 and details will be released on the Stay Prepared website soon.

Temasek Foundation

Being Singaporeans, we jump at the chance to collect anything that’s free. So when Temasek Foundation distributed a pair of free masks in June, we couldn’t be happier.

But as it is recommended to use it up to 30 times of washing, if you have used it daily, there’s a high chance that you have out used their lifespan. And if that’s you or you missed the collection window the last time, here’s some good news!

A poster shared on the Singapore Atrium Facebook page yesterday (Sept 8) stated that Temasek Foundation is organising another distribution round of free reusable masks from Sept 21 to Oct 4.

PHOTO: Facebook/Singapore Atrium sale

Anyone with a government-issued identification that has a barcode is eligible to collect two free masks from 10am onwards during the stipulated period.

Currently, the information has not yet been posted on the official site,, but when dialling into the Stay Prepared hotline on the poster, the recording on the other end mentioned that collection of the masks will commence from Sept 21 as stated on the poster.

Similar to the masks given out in June, MaskSafe DET30™ white masks will be distributed in the upcoming collection. Like the last time, masks are reusable, antimicrobial, and washable up to 30 times. You can find details of how to care for the mask here.

And if you have little ones in need of masks, there is the option to collect kid-sized masks this time.

For those who feel that two masks aren’t enough, you can also make an online pre-order. And you’ll have more color choices: peach, denim and black in both adult and child sizes. Pre-order starts from 8am on Sept 13 and ends on Oct 2.


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