Over 10,000 climbers to commemorate Independence Day on Mt. Bawakaraeng

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – More than 10,000 climbers have registered to take part in the commemoration ceremony of the 75th Anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day on Mount Bawakaraeng, Gowa District, South Sulawesi, on August 17, 2020.

“Based on the preliminary data at the Red and White flag hoisting post, as many as 10,620 people have registered, and it is likely that the number will increase,” Hamsidar, spokesman of the Makassar Search and Rescue Office (Basarnas), said in Lembanna, Gowa, on Sunday.

Those wanting to take part in the Indonesian Independence Day commemoration ceremony on Mount Bawakaraeng include members of the climbing clubs, nature lover groups, and nature lover student groups.

August 17, 2020 is the 75th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia

At least 5,919 climbers will participate in the ceremony at the top of Mount Bawakarang while 1,602 and 3,176 other climbers will observe the ceremony from Ramma Valley and the foot of Mount Bawakaraeng respectively.

“Currently, the peak of Mount Bawakaraeng and the post five have been closed because they are already full. Other alternative points are Pinus Lembanna and Ramma Valley,” Hamsidar noted.

Thousands of climbers flock to Mount Bawakaraeng annually to celebrate the Independence Day that falls on August 17, according to Muh Rizal, a coordinator of the event.

All participants of the country’s independece day anniversary commemoration event at Mount Bawakaraeng are required to implement out health protocols to prevent transmission of COVID-19.

“You are required to wear face masks and bring personal protective equipment as the COVID-19 pandemic is still going on,” he said.


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