Cops confirm bones belong to missing Aussie woman

GEORGE TOWN: Police today confirmed that the bones found at the construction site of a feature pond at the fringes of a turf club here two months ago belong to missing Australian woman Annapuranee Jenkins.

Parit Buntar-born Annapuranee Jenkins went missing in Penang three years ago.

Annapuranee, 65, disappeared three years ago, triggering a nationwide search by her two children.

She was last seen at Scotland Road on December 13, 2017, about 3km away from where her bones were found.

Her son, Greg, had travelled to Penang to provide a DNA sample for comparison.null

Announcing the DNA match here, Penang police chief Sahabudin Abd Manan said a team from the federal police force would scour the site for other remains and belongings.

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The bones were found by landscaping workers on June 24, alongside items thought to belong to a woman as well as a hotel keycard identified as Jenkins’.

Annapuranee, fondly known as Anna, had been in Penang on a short holiday with her husband Frank.

She left her hotel in a taxi on Dec 13, 2017 and went for a dental check-up at a clinic on Burma Road. After her appointment, the receptionist helped her hail an Uber ride to her mother’s care home at Batu Lanchang Lane.

However, Annapuranee alighted short of the care home at Scotland Road and was reported missing after that.

By : Predeep Nambiar

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