Why Malaysians shouldn’t give up on politics

ARE you tired of politics? Are you sick of reading headline after headline of party-hopping, defections, and changing allegiances that seem to have no end?

Well, so are countless others in this country. You are not the only one.

If Malaysia goes into snap polls tomorrow, would you vote? Or would you stay away, thinking your vote wouldn’t matter? What is the point in voting anyway, when your vote is upended by backdoor politicians and your mandate betrayed?

Pause and consider this for a moment. This is exactly how backdoor politicians want us to react. Should we give them what they want? They want us to feel despair and helplessness.

They want our disillusionment to cripple us from voting in the 15th general election. They want Malaysians to completely abandon the idea that change could ever happen, and resign ourselves to the fact that corrupt politicians are here to stay. 

Yes, there is no doubt that voter fatigue is real. After all, GE14 was only two years ago. We went all out, and memories of the past election are still fresh in our minds. 

But it was not just GE14 that we fought so hard for. Many by-elections have since followed. 

So if the next GE sees a low voter turnout and Perikatan Nasional, Muafakat Nasional or whatever variation of it wins by default, the ones who suffer the greatest loss are us, the people. The ones who win are corrupt politicians who only care about robbing the rakyat and enriching themselves. 

Are these the kind of leaders we want to indirectly endorse? But that is exactly what we’re doing when we do not vote or spoil our votes. It is akin to voting for them. 

Just imagine, if everyone else did the exact same thing, what would happen to Malaysia? Won’t we be even more distressed if they won by default? 

Instead of letting heartbreak and disappointment paralyse us, it should give us a sense of even greater urgency and drive us into action.      

Indifference is not the answer. Apathy is not the answer. Staying away is most definitely not the answer. We do not achieve anything by doing nothing. Giving up has never gotten anyone anywhere, and it never will. It is when we’re the hardest hit, that we should hold on.

So we do not give up. We do not give in. And we do not give away our right to vote or to push for change. We stay. We take a stand. We fight for what is right. 

After all, Malaysia is our birthplace, our home, our motherland. If we stopped caring about our own country, who else would care about it? 

Malaysians, we did the impossible at GE14. Against all odds, we can do it again. But we need each other. 

The fight for democracy is not a solitary journey, and it is not just for a select few. We can only win when we come together as a nation and once again reject all those treacherous politicians who robbed us of the choice we made in 2018. 

Truth be told, the road ahead is long and hard. But as long as we do not give up, it is not game over. 

Malaysia does not belong to any one politician, party, or coalition. It belongs to the people, and the power of the people should never be underestimated.  

Let the people’s voice ring loud and clear: we will not stand for unprincipled leaders who trample on our mandate! – July 31, 2020.

By : Lara Ling – The Malaysian Insight.

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