Serial killer Si Quey to be cremated, 60 years after execution

Si Quey, who was convicted of killing seven children and accused of eating them, will finally be cremated, more than six decades after he was shot by a firing squad.

Si Quey’s preserved cadaver seen in the middle glass case, on display at the Medical Museum of Siriraj Hospital on June 7, 2019. – (Bangkok Post file photo)

The Corrections Department on Monday July 20, announced the cremation ceremony for Si Quey will be at Wat Bang Praek Tai in Nonthaburi at 10am on Thursday.

He was convicted of murdering seven children and also accused of removing their internal organs and boiling and eating them. He was arrested in Rayong in 1958 and confessed to the murders, but denied the cannibalism charges.

Si Quey was executed by firing squad at Bang Kwang on Sept 16, 1959. He was just 32 years old. Siriraj Hospital took the body for medical study the same month.

His preserved cadaver was on display at the hospital’s Medical Museum for medical students and the public to view. It was removed from the museum last year after a complaint that his dignity had not been protected as the exhibit branded him a cannibal. 

The bodies of at least four of the children murdered and allegedly cooked and eaten by him were found in Thap Sakae district. The other murders were committed in Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom and Rayong, where he was arrested.

Siriraj Hospital replaced the label “Si Quey, Cannibal”, with “Death Row Prisoner” in June last year. The exhibit was removed from public display in August.

Si Quey’s name was often used by parents in the old days as a warning for children to behave: “If you misbehave, Si Quey will come and catch you.”


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