Man stacks three eggs for Guinness World Record

(UPI) — A Yemeni man living in Malaysia was awarded a Guinness World Record for his unusual accomplishment: stacking three eggs vertically.

Guinness announced Kuala Lumpur resident Mohammed Muqbel, 20, was awarded the record for the world’s largest stack of eggs when he managed to balance three chicken eggs in a tower formation.

The record-keeping organization stipulated that the eggs had to remain stacked for at least five seconds and all three eggs had to be fresh and free from cracks in their shells.

Muqbel, who has been teaching himself to stack eggs since the age of 6, said he found the trick was to identify each egg’s center of mass and ensure they aligned while stacked. He said stacking the eggs took a high level of concentration, as well as patience and practice.

Ben Hooper – UPI

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