Class ring lost in rental car returned to man 27 years later

 (UPI) : A Georgia man who lost his high school class ring in the early 1990s was reunited with the piece of jewelry 27 years later by a teenager whose family found it on a road trip.

Buster Kast said he lost his ring from Northside High School in Warner Robins when he was on a family trip a couple of years after his graduation in 1991.

“The last time I remember wearing it, we were on vacation at St. Augustine and we rented a car,” Kast told WMAZ-TV.

Chance McDonald said he was only a baby when his family rented what apparently was the same car.

“They got a rental car from Alabama and they went to get the kids out of the car and get stuff out of the trunk, and they found a ring,” McDonald said.

The ring was in the possession of the McDonald family for two decades before Chance McDonald decided to spend some of his COVID-19 lockdown time attempting to see if he could track down its owner.

McDonald said the two clues provided by the ring — the name of the school and the engraved name Buster — to do some sleuthing online. He said it didn’t take long to find Kast on Facebook.

“I didn’t believe it because he just texted me out of the blue. Next thing I know, he’s asking if I lost one and I was like, ‘Absolutely,'” Kast recalled.

The two men met up in Social Circle and McDonald was able to return Kast’s ring to its rightful owner.

“I’m happy, to say the least,” Kast wrote on Facebook.

He said the ring had special significance.

“My dad, back in the day, he couldn’t really afford the ring and I begged him and begged him, and with one income at the house at the time, you know, trying to raise three kids,” Kast said.

He said having the ring back brought a flood of emotion.

“It really brought tears to my eyes when I saw it,” he said.

Ben Hooper – UPI

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