PAS, UMNO and snap election. Part 1

UMNO and PAS are like the characters Vladimir  and Estragon in the Samuel  Becket’s play ‘Waiting  for  Godot ‘…Godot  is of course the snap election.

Before we reasoned out why there will not be one, lets discuss a few other strange things.

Like in the play Godot aka snap election never comes.  So the 2 characters are engaged in useless and idle talk.

PAS and UMNO are readying themselves for a snap election. Why are they not involving Muhyiddin’s BERSATU?

That would tell the uninspiring Muhyiddin that PAS and UMNO will abandon BERSATU.  They cannot be trusted.

If they ever come to Power, that is. It’s an unholy  alliance  between 2 scheming parties!

PAS is essentially a spiritual  party. It derives its legitimacy from being the interpreter of God’s scriptures.

As long as it succeeds in hoodwinking some people that its so, some fatalistic destitutes will continue  to support the party. 

Thus, it ought to measure its conduct and behaviour  in terms of its religiousity.  In terms of right or wrong, ethical or not, moral or immoral.  That’s the  essence of spirituality.

Sad to say there are none of these  at the moment.  That’s the sin of the PAS leadership at the moment.  Can the PAS Ummah in general, accepts this?

Because these do not factor in their equation, they are able  to work with ‘infidelistic’ UMNO.  When they want to work with UMNO its ‘muafakat politik‘.  When they want to work with DAP, it was  ‘tahaluf siyasi‘. They keep moving the goal posts. Can we trust them?

PAS and UMNO are forming a secretariat. It’s a forced move always involving strenuous mental and physical exertions. Their unity is a fluid one. Its temporary in nature. It’s like chalk and cheese, oil and water. It will disintegrate soon.

Out of the blue, the UMNO youth head is calling for a political ceasefire.  It’s not a rosy picture  between  UMNO and PAS.  The UMNO and PAS leadership  know this.  The PAS rank and file are not happy with the temporary muafakat with infidelistic UMNO. How can a righteous party like PAS work with UMNO?

A political ceasefire is just that, a temporary cessation  of hostilities.  They stand down to resume war.  Let’s see  who’s zooming who. No it’s not Aretha  Franklin’s  song.

Because  PAS has, abandoned its principles it can work with corrupt UMNO. It  can cavort with bosku, Java man and many others. The unethical means justify its unethical ends.

For these reasons I think that PAS has become hypocritical. By teaming up with UMNO it has sacrificed many of its divinely inspired principals.

Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz – SAKMONGKOL

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