Will Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong call elections in July?

With six months left before the government’s term ends, analysts are predicting that elections will be called in July, as soon as the second phase of the economy’s reopening kicks in
But there are questions over whether voters will accept the PAP’s urgency to call the vote, and the opposition wants more clarity on pandemic-era campaigning

Can Mahathir’s party win Malaysia?

Almost all of the younger PPBM members I interviewed told me they joined the party because of Dr Mahathir. They were born in the early 1980s and for the first 22 years of their lives, he was prime minister. They were too young to understand the criticisms thrown at him at that time. But they saw modern infrastructure being built daily in a country that was enjoying respectable economic growth.

‘Water is life’: COVID-19 exposes chronic crisis in Navajo Nation

Water access also dovetails into another important public health challenge for the Navajo — a high rate of diabetes, which has been shown to worsen the disease progression of the COVID-19 illness by supercharging an abnormal immune response that ravages the lungs.

Sugary beverages are often more readily available than clean water, driving up Type-2 diabetes rates among Navajo to two to four times that among whites.